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of candle making dye

About Inpex

We have become renowned across the UK and EU for the quality of our candle wax dyes.

Our success is due to our consistent reliability and wide colour range. Trusted for over a decade, we have quickly become a pillar in the UK candle industry with our candle dye being used daily by thousands of hobbyists, small start-ups, and many high street brands.

Inpex Deep Dye


We can create any colour of candle dye for your brand.

Provide us with a brief or pantone number and we’ll do the rest. Subject to a minimum order quantity, we can create a candle dye to match every colour shade. This is a service which has proved very popular for corporate gifts, weddings, and other events – where a specific shade or colour is required. With hundreds of colour shades available in our database, we may already have the shade you require!

Inpex Deep Dye

Our core candle dye range is the Inpex Deep Dye.

The Inpex Deep Dye is our most popular candle dye range and we recommend using it at a ratio of 1g of dye to 100g of wax in paraffin wax. It is important to note that using the Inpex Deep Dye in natural wax will result in a much lighter pastel effect. To combat this, a higher concentration of dye can be used. The melting point of the dye is 65°C.

SD Dye
Flourescent Dye

Inpex Fluorescent Dye

Inpex Fluorescent Dye is our most vivacious range.

The Inpex Fluorescent Dye is perfect to create vibrant and bold candles! When using the Inpex Fluorescent Dye we recommend using a ratio of 1g of dye to 100g of paraffin wax. Please note that, whilst this dye is very vibrant, this dye does not glow in the dark.

Inpex Whitener

Inpex Whitener is used to whiten opaque paraffin waxes.

Inpex Whitener is used to whiten opaque paraffin waxes to create a white, clean finish. We recommend using between 0.5g to 1g of dye per 100g of wax – depending on the aesthetic you wish to achieve. The Inpex Whitener will not work as effectively with cream coloured wax or natural soy waxes.

Please note that the Inpex Whitener may result in the need for a slightly larger wick.

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Wholesale and Ordering:

Orders over 5KG of dye can be placed directly via ourselves and will benefit from competitive pricing. Please also contact us for technical advice or if you are interested in our bespoke service.

For orders less than 5KG of dye, please purchase from one of our distributors:

The amount of colours available will vary depending upon the distributor.